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Terms and Conditions

1. Lesson Expectations

I. All lessons will be conducted in a dual-controlled, clean and roadworthy car.

II. As your instructor I will present myself in a professional, courteous and polite manner at all times.

III. All lessons will be client-centred where you will be encouraged to take responsibility for your

own learning through the completion of a reflective log. This log will help to illustrate your progress towards set learning goals, agreed areas for development and awareness of hazards/risks as a new driver.

IV. In line with DVSA national standards you must present yourself as a safe and responsible driver at all times, therefore I have the right to terminate a lesson if I suspect you are suffering from illness, injury, fatigue or under the influence of alcohol, drugs or medication. All of these factors can reduce your awareness and ability to react to potential hazards out on the road. If in doubt, please make contact with me for assistance on this matter.

V. Prior to the start of your driving lessons you must present your valid UK provisional driving licence for me to check. You will also need to bring your provisional licence to all driving lessons in case you are asked to present it for identification purposes.

2. Lesson Payment

I. The agreement for driving lessons is strictly between CORRECT DRIVING SCHOOL and yourself as the customer. My hourly rate takes into account geographical area, population and local driving lesson rates. My hourly rate may be reviewed on a quarterly basis but you will of course be informed if any alterations are made.

II. Your driving lesson(s) must be paid for in advance no later than 24 HOURS prior to the lesson starting. I will retain a payment record for you which you may request to see at any time.

III. All pre-paid block booking are valid for 6 MONTHS from the date of purchase. If you have any difficulties with this then please make contact with me as soon as possible - being PROACTIVE is the key to success.

IV. Gift vouchers can be purchased throughout the year and are valid for a maximum period of 6 MONTHS from the date on the voucher.

3. Lesson Cancellation Policy

I. I operate a strict 24-HOUR cancellation policy. Should you need to cancel your driving lesson within 24 hours (short notice) you will be charged the full hourly rate. Any queries relating to this please contact me and I will endeavour to assist.

II. In the event my dual-controlled car is not roadworthy at any time, I will endeavour, but cannot guarantee, to seek a replacement vehicle of a similar size. In the unfortunate event I should become ill at short notice I will inform you at the earliest opportunity to ensure your lesson can be rearranged ASAP. If your driving lesson is cancelled by me as your instructor it will of course be rearranged at no cost.
III. Lessons cancelled/aborted due to symptoms relating to COVID-19 will be rearranged at no cost. However, please be aware should you need to cancel your lesson due to COVID-19 symptoms, as your instructor I will have to suspend your lessons for a period of 14 days, subject to government self-isolating guidelines.

4. Vehicle Damage

I. In the event you damage my instructor car during your lessons/driving test you will be liable for the insurance excess fee of £150.

II. A dash cam (front and rear) will be in use at all times to prove/disprove liability if the worse was to happen.

III. On this point, to avoid unnecessary damages all I ask is you listen and respond appropriately to verbal and/or physical interventions, which I may need to use in response to hazards or unforeseen circumstances. Working together to develop your driving skills to minimise risk and keep you safe out on the roads.

5. 2-week (30 hours) Intensive Driving Courses

I. Intensive Driving courses must be completed in and around the test centre town/city (e.g. Launceston, Barnstaple or Exeter) to make best use of the 30 hours. The start/finish of the lessons will therefore need to be in one of these locations.

II. Intensive Driving courses are not suitable for everyone and as such a 2-hour lesson must be booked first. This lesson will be used to assess your skills and methods of learning to see if the intensive nature of the driving course would be appropriate. A theory test pass certificate must also be shown at this point.

III. Once the assessment has taken place and if the intensive driving course is suitable, I will discuss with you the plan ahead with regards to booking your practical test. An intensive driving course cannot be booked and undertaken until the practical test date is booked to ensure a smooth transition between learning and taking your driving test.

IV. Intensive Driving courses take careful planning and as such I will require a 25% deposit at the time of booking, which will become non-refundable should you cancel the course less than 28 DAYS prior to commencement.

V. The payment of the remaining balance will be due on or before 14 DAYS prior to your course commencement date.

VI. The cost of your practical driving test is NOT included in the cost of the intensive driving course.

6. Driving Test

I. If you book your driving test without consulting me as your instructor I will unfortunately withdraw the use of my dual-controlled car. This is due to the DVSA standards for which I must meet to ensure I present you as a safe and responsible driver at your test.

II. I will not be responsible for any test cancellation fee, unless the test is cancelled due to instructor illness or instructor vehicle roadworthiness.

7. Data Protection

I. All personal information provided will only be used to deliver the service intended and your records will be kept safe and strictly confidential.

II. At your discretion and with your permission I may announce your test success on social media using the CORRECT DRIVING SCHOOL page, where you will be free to decline any image or comments if you so wish.

8. Complaints

In the unlikely event that you are not satisfied with me as your driving instructor or the driving lesson itself, please speak to me as soon as possible so I can endeavour to resolve the problem and support you in the best possible way. Again, being PROACTIVE is the key to success.

9. Limitation of Liability

CORRECT DRIVING SCHOOL is not liable to you (the customer) for any loss or damage caused relating to any business interests such as lost profits, lost earnings, loss of opportunity/ business or business interruption, including in no event liable for negligence or breach of statutory duty. This extends to travel costs and arrangements on the day of your lesson.

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